These days, many children are almost completely disconnected from nature.

Our food comes pre-packaged from the supermarket. We no longer need to be able to identify edible or poisonous plants. We don’t need to pay attention to the weather. Even when playing, most children tend to reach for electronic gadgets, rather than putting on their boots and exploring the great outdoors.

There are many benefits to allowing our children time to play outdoors. Prioritising this is an important part of their development, as it has been shown that going outdoors and reconnecting with nature can reduce stress, anxiety, depression and attention-deficit disorders.

An excellent way to allow your child to reconnect with nature, is to let them learn bushcraft skills. Here at Bushcraft UK, we offer lots of courses allowing children to increase their understanding and awareness of nature, whilst also achieving personal goals.

This all takes place in a safe environment, guided by our fully-qualified staff. So if you have any reservations about teaching them these skills yourself, this is a great place to start. If you do feel confident enough to set out into the woods with your kids, then great! We offer lots of activities you can do together.

Building dens and shelters gives children a safe space that is truly their own. They can express their ideas, by creating a shelter that reflects their personality. Whether that be a practical shelter from the rain, or a beautiful architectural structure, the choice is theirs and we are here to help them. They will soon forget that you’re there, as they become fully immersed in what nature has to offer them.