Lyde River 18th Century Rendezvous


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Lyde River 18th Century Rendezvous

Sep 29th-Sep 30th 2018


Start time: Saturday 29th Sep 2018 07.00

Finish time: Sunday 30th Sep 2018 18.00

Location:Basingstoke, Hampshire 

Full location details sent upon booking confirmation.

Take part in educational workshops and demonstrations & learn primitive frontier skills. Featuring Blacksmithing, Camp crafts, leather craft, hide tanning, 18th century cooking, Butchery, woodworking, medicinals and more.

Over the weekend you will have the chance to really get into the character of a 18th century frontiersman, putting all your new and old knowledge into practice and spending the night under the woodland canopy.

This event is open to all ages and abilities but please refer to our kit list link for guidance on what to bring. There will be a number of tradeblankets were you can buy, sell or trade various bits of equipment.

Hot Food and refreshments will be available to purchase on site.

09.00_1030 Breakfast

12.30-14.00 Lunch

18.00-19.30 Dinner

This is our first event and hopefully the start of many, we ask only a small contribution Kids go FREE!! Under 16+ and accompanied by a full paying adult two children to 1 adult ticket.  This is to cover materials used during your weekend stay and put some money in the pot to make the meets even better next time. Please note this event will have limited availability, so please secure your spot via this ticket link.

Anyone who wishes to run sessions please do get in touch with me via the contact links.

Please note these are some of the workshops we intend to provide although a number of workshops will be prioritised over others due to space, weather, time and numbers in attendance.

1. Flint and steel fire lighting
2. Friction fire lighting
3. Field dressing & butchering game
4. 18th century cooking
5. Blade sharpening
6. Tomahawk throwing
7. Archery
8. Making rawhide
9. Brain tanning
10. Primitive shelter construction
11. How to stay warm with a blanket
12. Cordage
13. Sewing
14. Fishing
15. Foraging
16. Tracking
17. Primitive trap construction & trapping
18. Open fire cooking
19. Drying meat & other foods
20. Knowledge of plant tinders & preparation


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