Join Paul Smith as he takes you on an ancient journey through the process of making primitive clay pots and other clay items like beads, and pendants, you will learn about clay and what it is, the different types and how to find them, as well as the many different ways it can be used, to produce items that would have proved invaluable to our ancient ancestors! You will learn to make pots in different styles and be able to make your own and customise them, as well as firing some pottery that has been pre prepared for you! At the end of the day you will have all the skills needed to go out, collect, process, work, and fire your own pots as well as having the things you have crafted during the day to take home with you as well as a pot made by Paul himself that you will fire!

Paul is a primitive Bushcraft instructor from the north west coast of Scotland, he runs Paul Smith Primitive Bushcraft, as well as being the Scottish ambassador for the popular group Living to Learn. He has been practicing and developing his skills over several years and focuses primarily on Primitive technology and techniques, he has taught all over the UK and continues to grow and share his passion for the past.

Location: Basingstoke

Start Time: 09.00

Finish Time: 17.00

No previous experience required


All course materials are provided aswell as refreshments.


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Saturday 7th March 2020


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