Fallkniven DC521 Bench Sharpening Stone


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For maintaining a really straight edge, you need a fairly wide bench stone. In general, these are very expensive and, should you need both a diamond and a ceramic stone, the final cost is usually too high for most people. This is not the case if you check our new DC521! The generous size of 55 x 210 mm (2.17 x 8.27″) features a 10 mm (.4″) thick, precision flat ceramic stone and upon that, a fine, fast diamond whetstone, shipped in a good-looking gift box. And, you still don’t need any water or oil! Comes in a smart presentation box.

Features & details

  • 210mm x 55mm x 10mm
  • Diamond and Ceramic Sides
  • No oil or water
  • Comes in a smart presentation box
  • The smartest way to sharpen your knife, axe, chisel or billhook


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