Iron Pyrite Fire Kit


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Paleolithic Stone on Stone Fire Technology 
Iron Pyrite Fire Kit
Creating fire with pyrite is very rewarding but at the same time very difficult, it requires lots of patience and practice.

What is Iron Pyrite?

Pyrite or iron disulphide (FeS2), is a mineral, it can be found in large nodules. Pyrite would of been used by paleolithic man and is used today by modern day outdoorsman.

By striking a shard of flint against a nodule of pyrite you can create fine sparks, when combined with fibrous tinder such as amadou or king Alfred’s cake it will create a small ember.

What you will receive:

1x Large piece of iron pyrite 200-400 grams.

1x Amadou fluff.

1x Cotton carry bag.

1x Flint shard.



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