Potassium Permanganate Fire Kit


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Potassium Permanganate has three main uses, First one being fire lighting because its an oxidiser when you add a Glycerol based product it will start a chemical reaction with the potassium and will start a hot fire , Due to ehe temperature it reaches its a great fire starter in the wettest of conditions. each tube contains enough powder to get two fires going (Depending On The Amount You Use)

the second use is water purification,All you need to do Is add a few Crystals to a litre of water and it will turn a light pink colour this means there has been enough potassium added, The third use is wound cleaning, Mix the potassium with water until it turns a dark purple colour this can then be used for wound/cuts Cleansing.

Due to safety these products have to be sent separately so you will receive two separate parcels.

You will receive x3 Potassium Permanganate tubes & x3 Glycerol tubes both will be packaged in silver carry tin.


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