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Rökeri Camping Stove & Smoker Oven

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Inspired in Sweden, created in the UK.

Inspired during a hiking and wild-camping trip in the beautiful landscape of southern Sweden after becoming frustrated with underpowered cooking capabilities and spoilt food, we have created the Rökeri Camping Stove & Smoker Oven.

With two distinct sections, and hundreds of innovative uses, we believe that the Rökeri is both the most powerful and versatile portable cooking system on the market today, while the tough stainless steel design and easy cleaning ensures that this is a product built for the long term.

The size and versatility of the system makes it the perfect tool for feeding groups of family or friends, while its light weight and low profile means it can be easily carried unnoticed in any travel pack.

The Rökeri Stove

With a 7” base, and airflow/feed geometry calculated to maximise the efficiency of transferring heat from the burning fuel into your food & cookware, the Rökeri Stove has been designed to minimise both the amount of fuel required, and the time it takes to get you refuelled.

The Rökeri Camping Stove flat packs to only 15mm thick, can be assembled in 30 seconds and weighs just 984 grams. Configurations to allow cooking with pots and pans, frying on the stove and grilling ensure that all cooking requirements are met.

The Rökeri Smoker Oven

In order to combat the problem of short pack-lives of fresh meat and vegetables and allow a new era of survival creativity, we have created the first and only flat-packable oven/smoker.

The Rökeri Smoker Oven is the ultimate accessory for long term camping or survival trips, allowing you to preserve with a wide range of methods; from slow-curing jerky while preparing camp, to pre-smoking meats and fish  to add flavour and prevent spoiling.

With a hotter fire burning underneath, the Rökeri Smoker can be used as a camping oven, allowing luxuries such as bread baking and roasting larger cuts of meat and vegetables even chips.

Flat packing to 20mm thick, and also weighing only 984 grams, the Rökeri Smokehouse is just as easy to assemble as the Stove, and has been designed to be easily lifted from the top of the stove with the food contained inside it.

Rökeri Features:

  • Allows up to four cooking levels at one time
  • Two flat-packable sections
  • Removable base plate for easy extinguishing
  • Removable smoker/oven allows safe use and added versatility
  • Allows safe preservation & flavouring of foods
  • Grill/Smoke/Bake options
  • Can be used with pots and pans of almost any size
  • Unfolds flat for easy cleaning
  • Designed to reduce warping from heat
  • Side feeding for uninterrupted use
  • Airflow designed for high efficiency, allows minimum fuel use
  • Works with almost any fuel
  • Contains fire for safety

Rökeri Specifications:

Operational Size: 175mm × 175mm × 300mm or 7″ × 7″ × 12″ (Stove only is 170mm or 7″)

Folded Size: 175mm × 175mm × 25mm or 7″ × 7″ × 1″ (Stove only is 175mm or 1/2″)

Combined Weight:  4lbs (Stove only is 984 grams or 2lbs)

Construction: Stainless Steel


Disclaimer;  Please be advised if purchasing outside of the UK due to varying shipping times we cannot guarantee that you will receive before stated date but we will however do our best.   


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