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Primitive Art Craft Kit

Craft like a caveman with our Primitive art kit. This kit is made up of 100% natural and sustainable products sourced from the land. You can paint and craft anything without causing an impact on our natural environment.

X4 Natural Pigment paints
X1 Pack Mixed charcoal pencils
X2 Hazel paint brushes
X1 Brash brush
X1 moulding clay block
X1 Dapping pouch

Medicinal Salve Craft Kit:

Create and infuse your own wild remedies with our complete salve kit. This kit includes all the main base ingredients to get you started in wild medicine.


X1 Bag dried yarrow & plantain mix
X2 2oz of pure beeswax blocks
X1 Wooden spertel
X4 salve tins
X1 natural tee tree essence oil
X1 instructions and disclaimer
X1 Straining cloth

Fish Skin Tanning kit Just Add Eggs:

Create fish skin leather with our just add eggs tanning kit. This kit provides the tools, ingredients and instruction to preserve fish skins and create a craftable preserved beautiful unique fish leather.


X1 hand forged flesh and scale removal tool.
X2 softener oil.
X1 hand forged stitching awl.
X1 artificial stitching sinew.
X2 pegs.
X1 complete step by step instructions

Firelighting Tinder Kit.

Our firelighting tinder kit contains a selection of very combustible materials to make sure you get that fire started. The tinders can be used with a variety of survival firelighting tools.


X1 Fatwood bundle
X1 Birch bark
X1 Myan shavings
X1 Char cloth
X1 Pine resin
X1 Amadou
X1 Kapock
X1 Cramp ball chunks
X1 Cotton Wick
X1 Jute

Organic bees wax candle kit

Create your very own natural and sustainability sourced candles. This kit includes all the base ingredients to start you on your path.


x4 100% bees wax blocks 1oz
x5 pre waxed candle wicks
x2 bees wax candle wraps
x1 essential oil
x1 dolly peg
x2 stirring sticks
x1 cinnamon stick bundle
x1 instructions

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Craft Kits

Primitive Art Craft Kit, Firelighting Tinder Selection Kit, Medicinal Salve Craft Kit, Fish Skin Tanning Kit Just Add Eggs, Bees Wax Candle Kit


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