Primitive Flint Knapping Kit


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Have you ever wondered how our ancestors made their tools? Now you can!

Have a try yourself with our new primitive flint knapping kit.

We have selected materials based on what primitive man would of used to create items such as arrowheads and cutting devices.

This kit will provide you with enough flint to create some small blades and arrowheads.

Please note that with all primitive skills they take lots of practice and determination.

Bushcraft UK Flint knapping kit includes;

  • 1x Antler pressure flaker
  • 1x Antler soft hammer
  • 1x Leather pad
  • 1x Brading stone
  • 5x Pieces of flint
  • 1x Flint knapping book

All kits may differ slightly from picture, only items listed are included in this kit.


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